Ironclad Stealth Pro Glove


Product Description

Ironclad Stealth Black Pro Glove

An excellent pair of gloves needs to be durable enough to remain viable after seeing a ton of use, but they should also be comfortable to wear without making your hands feel clammy. For any tactical agent, the Ironclad Stealth Black Pro Glove is a great investment that is sure to pay off handsomely once you start using them out on missions. These gloves are ergonomically designed, and they come with a tough leather synthetic palm.

A variety of sizes are available, so no matter how large your hands are, you will be able to get the Stealth Pro Glove. Form-fitting comfort comes in the way of the spandex/neoprene shell. This material is highly flexible, so you will never feel restrained in your movements. You will be able to complete any mission in your path with ease. These gloves are a perfect fit for most uniforms, and will go great with virtually any clothes you will be wearing.

Benefits of the Ironclad Stealth Pro Glove:

  • Sweat wipe
  • Impact protection
  • EXO embossed palm
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Cuff puller

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Stealth Black Pro Glove:

To protect your hands while maintaining a solid grip on anything you need, you should definitely place your order for these gloves if you do not have them already.

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