IR.Tools Infrared Forward Facing IR Flag

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Product Description

IR.Tools™ Forward Facing IR Flag

The IR.Tools™ Forward Facing IR Flag is constructed with infrared material that produces a glowing reflection when viewed through night vision goggles. This reflection is visible from up to 800 meters away, ensuring you are always visible to your teammates while on a mission. Fitted with hook backing, this patch can be easily attached to your uniform or other gear.

Benefits of the IR.Tools™ IR Flag:

  • Infrared material produces an IR reflection seen only when using night vision
  • Reflection visible up to 800 meters away when illuminated with IR light
  • Hook backing allows for easy attachment to uniforms and gear
  • Made with IR Tools' proprietary SandStorm Technology™, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Forward Facing IR Flag:

This patch will glow only through the use of night vision gear (NVG). The patch will remain hidden to the naked eye in darkness. Make sure your teammates can locate you; order this patch today!

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