IR.Tools Infrared Canadian Flag Patch with Hook

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Product Description

IR.Tools™ Canadian Flag Patch with Hook

This IR.Tools™ Canadian Flag Patch with Hook is tailor made for Canadian Armed Forces members who need an infrared flag patch for their operational dress. Engineered for long-lasting illumination and lamination, this flag patch is ideal for those operating in cover situations requiring maximum stealth.

Plus, in terms of combined operations, this infrared Canadian flag patch is the same type of IR patch worn by Allied forces from the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. So you can wear your IR national flag on your sleeve with confidence knowing others are doing the same.

This Canadian IR flag patch is also invisible to the naked eye at night however it can be seen by those wearing NVG or other night vision devices. It is also minimally reflective to visible light, making it ideal for covert ops requiring extra stealth.

Benefits of IR.Tools™ Canadian Flag Patch with Hook

  • Infrared Canadian Flag Patch for nighttime covert operability
  • Patch comes with hook backing for effortless attachment and wear
  • NIR insignia is not visible via the naked eye during night ops, but it can be seen by those wearing NVG or other NV devices, when illuminated. Marginally reflective to observable light for covert maneuverability
  • Fabricated for long-lasting lamination and illumination to reduce the need for frequent replacement 
  • Made with IR Tools' proprietary SandStorm Technology™, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises
  • American-made

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