IR.Tools Infrared Australian Flag Patch with Hook

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Product Description

IR.Tools™ Australian Flag Patch with Hook

This IR.Tools™ Australian Flag Patch with Hook is designed for Australian military operators so they can remain covert during night operations, at least by way of their IR patch.

This infrared ID patch for Australian forces keeps you stealth at night due to the fact the NIR insignia on the patch cannot be seen by the naked at night. At least not without the use of Night Vision Goggles or other devices. Once illuminated, the patch can be seen with NVG to fully enable your covert maneuvering.

This Australian flag IR patch has also been specially treated so as not to lose its lamination or brightness over the long haul. Plus, if you deploy to desert theaters, the patch will stay protected from sand and abrasion thanks to the built-in SandStorm Technology™.

Benefits of IR.Tools™ Australian Flag Patch with Hook

  • Infrared Australian Flag Patch for use by Australian forces
  • Patch comes with hook backing for worry-free attachment
  • You cannot see the NIR insignia with the naked eye at night except it is visible using night vision devices when illuminated plus it is minimally reflective to visible light, making for outstanding covert maneuvering 
  • Manufactured to maintain its lamination and retain brightness over time 
  • Made with IR Tools' proprietary SandStorm Technology™, which diminishes the risk of damage from sand and abrasion during desert ops and exercises
  • Made in the USA

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