HWI Next Generation Multicam Knee Pad - NGK500

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Product Description

HWI Next Generation Multicam Knee Pad - NGK500

This HWI Next Generation Multicam Knee Pad - NGK500 is a top of the line tactical knee pad for tactical operators. Knee injuries can be career-ending, yet they are so easy to prevent with the right gear. This knee pad from HWI Next Generation does just that.

This high-performance multicam knee pad has also been fabricated specifically to decrease weight and drag without forfeiting performance and protection. So you can operate with self-confidence knowing that your knees are safeguarded by the latest in technologies to keep you combat-ready.

Moreover, this tactical knee pad contains a reinforced, hard-core STPA cap for vigorous protection from the outside in, while the interior pad is made from high-density foam and extremely durable nylon. All of these attributes work together to safeguard your knees and your operability in theater or on exercise.

Benefits of HWI Next Generation Multicam Knee Pad - NGK500

  • Tactical pads lower overall weight and drag without compromising protection and functionality
  • Innovative, advanced knee and elbow pad system is engineered to absorb impact to protect injury-vulnerable joints  
  • Perfect for tactical operations or exercises
  • Robust STPA cap is highly protective against impact
  • Knee pad is engineered from high-density foam and heavy-duty nylon for long-term durability and protection
  • Quick release straps allow you to remove the pads quickly and easily

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