Hoppes Rifle to Shotgun Conversion Adapter

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Product Description

Hoppes Rifle to Shotgun Conversion Adapter

As avid collector, your firearm collection probably surpassed more than a few items a long time ago. Keeping up with cleaning kits for all those different calibers can be expensive, so Hoppe’s solution is simple – adapt the ones you already have! The Hoppes Rifle to Shotgun Conversion Adapter allows you to interchange your pieces with non-standard size threads.

Different calibers require different adaptors, so Hoppe’s has an inventory of adaptors designed to fit nearly every standard firearm, from the 6mm competition rifle all the way to lower gauge shotguns. Whether it’s a knob or slotted end cleaner, save money and space by adapting your cleaning kit and spend more of your time at the range on the firing line.

Benefits of the Hoppes Rifle to Shotgun Conversion Adapter:

  • Adaptor permits interchangeability with non-standard sized threads
  • Permits the use of knobbed, pistol, or slotted end cleaning tools
  • 12 different sizes designed for different sized cleaning kits

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