Hoppes Nylon Brush

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Product Description

Hoppes Nylon Brush

Keeping your weapons clean means keeping them reliable when you need them the most. Hoppe’s nylon brushes belong in any weapon cleaning kit, featuring awesome durability and tough nylon bristles that return to their original shape after every use. The bristle’s standard spiral design uses a multi-directional scrubbing action that reaches hard-to-clean nooks and crannies inside your firearm.

Every different caliber requires its own cleaning brush, and Hoppe’s has an inventory of brushes designed to fit nearly every standard firearm, from the 6mm competition rifle all the way to lower gauge shotguns. Pick one up to update your cleaning kit for your newest firearm, or replace lost pieces with individual parts.

Benefits of the Rothco Aluminum Canteen Cup Stove and Stand:

  • Stiff nylon bristles provide exceptional, safe cleaning of carbon while retaining their shape use-after-use
  • Spiral design results in multidirectional and redundant cleaning, meaning more time at the range and less time cleaning
  • 14 different sizes designed for nearly every popular firearm caliber, including pistols, rifles, and shotguns

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