Hoppes Gun Cleaning Knob End For .22 Caliber


Product Description

Hoppes Gun Cleaning Knob End for .22 Caliber

Whether you’re a hunter, a member of the Armed Services, or simply a gun enthusiast, you know the importance of maintaining your .22 caliber firearm. Indeed, experts recommend that you clean this special gun daily—or at least after each use—to help keep it operating smoothly with unwavering accuracy. One of easiest ways to do so is with a Hoppes Gun Cleaning Knob End For .22 Caliber. A gun cleaning knob end works by gently scouring the bore of your .22 caliber weapon, eliminating moisture, residue and powder in the process. This, in turn, helps maintain the integrity of your gun, keeping it operating as optimally as possible and enhancing its longevity. A Hoppes gun cleaning knob end for .22 caliber features polymer bristles that are tough on dirt, but gentle on the inside of your barrel.

Benefits of the Hoppes Gun Cleaning Knob End for .22 Caliber:

  • Features an 8-inch by 32-inch male thread for use with standard cleaning rods
  • Made from high-quality black polymer or plastic for effective and thorough cleaning
  • Not affected by solvents or other cleaning agents that are used in tandem with it
  • Manufactured by the legendary Hoppes, “The Gun Cleaning People”

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes Gun Cleaning Knob End for .22 Caliber:

The importance of consistent and proper maintenance of your .22 in the form of regular cleaning cannot be overstated. Do yourself and your gun a favor and order a gun cleaning knob end today.

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