Hoppes Cleaning Patch .22-.270 500 Pack


Product Description

Hoppes .22-.270 500 Cleaning Patch Pack

When you buy a Hoppes .22-.270 500 Cleaning Patch Pack, you won’t have to worry about stocking your cleaning patches for a while- depending on how often you use your gun. Part of being a responsible gun owner is doing regular maintenance on your firearm. After many uses, sediment and moisture cause the barrel to rust. Not only does this affect accuracy, but a rusted barrel will cause the gun to malfunction. Hoppes .22-.7270 500 pack cleaning patches are pre-cut for the appropriate caliber and gauge and uniformly woven for consistent maximum efficiency. All you have to do is attach the patches to the adapter of a bore cleaning rod and swab the inside of the barrel to remove sediment, and later oil. Hoppes cleaning patches are also ultra-absorbent.

Benefits of the Hoppes .22-.270 500 Cleaning Patch Pack:

  • 500 patches per pack
  • Pre-cut for .22-.270 caliber
  • Uniformly woven for maximum efficiency
  • Ultra-absorbent patches

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes .22-.270 500 Cleaning Patch Pack:

Always exercise caution when cleaning your gun. Since the sediments, oils, and powders inside of the gun emit fumes it’s a good idea to clean a gun in a well ventilated room or outside. Protective eyewear and gloves should also be worn. Lastly, make sure that the gun is not loaded and the safety is on. As an extra precaution, keep your finger away from the trigger while you’re cleaning. When it comes to gun maintenance, you want the best quality products for reasonable prices. Luckily, Hoppes has exactly what you need. Buy yours today!

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