Hoppes Brush 38 Caliber Pistol, Phosphor Bronze Card


Product Description

Hoppes Phosphor Bronze 38 Caliber Pistol Brush

Keep your 38 caliber pistol in great shape with a Hoppes Brush 38 Caliber Pistol, Phosphor Bronze Card. This brush is specially made for use on this particular weapon, and as such it has specific characteristics that make it the best tool for the job. It also has a certain level of quality and unique design as a part of the Hoppes brand. The bristles strongly contribute to the effectiveness of the brush. They are stout and provide multi-directional brushing. This helps to trap and remove dust and other particles both quickly and easily. The base of the brush is made of durable material and the bristles are made to return to their original shape, which all works together to ensure that the piece will last for years to come. Though a simple product, this brush is very efficient in its cleaning capacity.

Benefits of the Hoppes Phosphor Bronze 38 Caliber Pistol Brush:

  • Pistol cleansing brush
  • Specifically designed to use on 38 caliber weapon
  • Multi-directional bristles provide exception clean
  • Durable design for long lasting use

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes Phosphor Bronze 38 Caliber Pistol Brush:

If you desire the best in quality, then the Hoppes brush 38 caliber pistol is right for you. Its simple yet unique design gives it superior cleaning ability and makes it strong to ensure the longevity of the product. From the very first time you use it you will be able to recognize the difference. Order your Hoppes brush today!

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