Hoppes Adapter .17 - .22 Caliber End , Card


Product Description

Hoppes Adapter .17-.22 Caliber End Card

Any serious sport shooter or professional who regularly carries a gun knows how important it is to keep firearms clean and well-maintained. A properly cleaned weapon is one that will last for decades to come and allow the user confidence that it will operate properly at critical times. The Hoppes Adapter .17-.22 Caliber End Card is made of durable, lightweight brass and is printed with a bore guide that prevents solvents and cleaning solutions from leaking in to the weapon’s action during cleaning.

Properly cleaning and maintaining a weapon requires the right tools, including a cleaning rod sized to fit the barrel of your weapon. This usually means that those with multiple guns of different calibers need to maintain an equally sizable collection of rods. However, with the Hoppes .17-.22 caliber end adapter, you can easily change the diameter of your cleaning rod so it can be used on multiple weapons. This is the ideal tool for hunting expeditions where space to pack gear is at a premium, families where each member has their preferred caliber of gun, or even individuals who regularly work with weapons of various sizes.

Benefits of the Hoppes Adapter .17-.22 Caliber End Card:

  • Made of brass alloy
  • Converts .17 caliber cleaning rods to .22 caliber cleaning rods
  • Bore guide to prevent cleaning solution leakage

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes Adapter .17-.22 Caliber End Card:

This is a must-have tool for professionals and hobbyists alike. Make a single cleaning rod do the work of two with the Hoppes adapter.

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