Hoppes 5 oz Bottle 9 Solvent


Product Description

Hoppes 5 oz Bottle 9 Solvent

This Hoppes 5 oz bottle 9 solvent is a potent cleaning solution for use on pistols and rifles. A specially blended formula, Hoppes has created one of the most potent gun solvents on the market. First formulated in 1903, the recipe used for Hoppe’s 9 has changed very little in the intervening years because it hasn’t had to. It remains the same potent, highly effective and safe product that it was when it first made a name for itself over a century ago. Hoppe’s 5 oz 9 solvent bottle is designed to remove much of the common wear and tear problems that affect firearms. It penetrates metal deeply to remove rust, metal fouling and tarnish, powder burns and lead. The solvent is safe for all gun owners to use. The fumes don’t irritate the eyes and the solvent itself is safe when it comes in contact with skin. For extra safety and security, Hoppe’s 9 is packaged with a childproof cap to prevent curious youngsters from gaining access.

Benefits of the Hoppes 5 oz Bottle 9 Solvent:

  • Five ounce bottle
  • Powerful solvent penetrates deeply
  • Uses the classic 1903 formula
  • Childproof bottle
  • Easy to use and safe
  • Removes common stains like powder and rust

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes 5 oz Bottle 9 Solvent:

Use this solvent with your favorite Hoppes cleaning rod and brush to ensure that your gun is well maintained and ready to use when you need it at a moment’s notice.

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