Hoppes .30 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush


Product Description

Hoppes .30 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush

All shooters know that one of the keys to accurate and consistent firearm performance is a well maintained weapon. Appropriately caring for your gun means cleaning it on a regular basis, and the Hoppes .30 caliber phosphor bronze brush will keep the barrel of your gun looking and performing like new. Designed specifically to fit a .30 caliber diameter barrel, the phosphor bronze bristles of this brush are a softer metal than the metal of your gun. These softer bristles won’t damage the lands and grooves in the barrel like some harder bristles may. Though soft, the phosphor bronze bristles have a stiffness that makes them ideal for removing built up powder deposits and for clearing the minute metal fragments left behind by copper jackets. Another advantage of the phosphor bronze bristles is that the oils and solvents used for gun cleaning will not cause them to degrade over time.

Benefits of the Hoppes .30 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush:

  • Softer, stiffer bristles
  • Will not scratch steel
  • Washable

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes .30 Caliber Phosphor Bronze Brush:

Bore brushes are necessary for a thorough barrel cleaning, and a brush that completely removes powder deposits and copper fouling is a must have. Professional shooters, military personnel, members of law enforcement, and game hunters will have no trouble keeping their .30 caliber rifles in prime condition with the Hoppes .30 caliber phosphor bronze brush.

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