Hoppes .30 cal Knob End Conversion Adapter

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Product Description

Hoppes .30 cal Knob End Conversion Adapter

Keeping individual cleaning kits on hand for every caliber can quickly become a money sink. The Hoppes.30 cal Knob End Conversion Adapter simplifies your cleaning kit by adapting itself to any Hoppes cleaning rod. Each adapter is fitted with the standard Hoppes thread that enlarges to fit.30 caliber barrels.

Each Hoppe’s Conversion Adapter has been made of high-quality materials designed and tested by “The Gun Care People” at Hobbe’s since 1903.

Benefits of the Hoppes .30 cal Knob End Conversion Adapter:

  • Designed and tested for use with .30 caliber firearms
  • Knob end easily cleans hard-to-reach areas of your gun
  • Save money - compatible with all Hoppe’s cleaning rods
  • Permits interchangeability with non-standard size threads
  • Simple to use and backed by the Hobbe’s name since 1903

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