Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab


Product Description

Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab

Proper firearm maintenance means performing regular cleaning, which will provide for ideal performance from your weapon. For an optimal bore cleaner, choose the Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab. Providing a gentle contact surface, this capable cleaning swab will keep your .22 or .270 cal firearm ready for action at all times. Known as the Gun Care People, Hoppes has been manufacturing powerful cleaning tools to suit all types of firearms for over a century. The Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab is another fine example of the company’s dedication to superior cleaning capability, with soft cotton that won’t scratch the smooth bores of your weapons. As an added benefit, this washable swab can be reused to keep your rifle in peak condition.

Benefits of the Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab:

  • Produced by Hoppes for assured high-quality performance
  • Created to maintain your .270 or .22 cal firearm
  • Swab made from 100% cotton for enhanced protection of smooth weapon bores
  • Hand wash your Hoppes product to re-use for exceptional value

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab:

Gun owners have contrasting opinions when it comes to the discussion of how often to clean a rifle. What is for sure is that routine maintenance will do wonders to protect your firearm from malfunction, prolonging its lifespan with consistent care. Make sure your weapon is ready when you need it with the Hoppes .22 .270 Caliber Swab.

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