Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab


Product Description

Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab

With over 100 years active in the industry, Hoppes is a company intimately familiar with the importance of firearm maintenance. The Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab is brought to you by the proclaimed Gun Care People, providing you with an affordable and effective means of cleaning your 20 gauge shotgun to ensure reliable performance each time you fire. The Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab is made from 100% cotton material, delivering strong cleaning ability with a soft touch to protect the smooth bore of your firearm. After use, hand-wash this cleaning swab and let dry so that it will be ready for additional use following your next shooting round. The recommended frequency of gun cleaning varies by model and by operator, although most agree that shooting with black powder requires a firearm to be cleaned before its next intended use.

Benefits of the Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab:

  • Built to clean 20 gauge size firearm bores
  • Features 100% cotton material construction
  • Provides for soft and gentle contact in order to protect smooth weapon bore
  • Effective cleaning capability protects from residual buildup

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab:

Routine clean-up can not only ensure peak performance for your weapon, but also extend its lifespan over time. To provide your shotgun with the quality cleaning it deserves, the Hoppes 20 Gauge Swab is what you need to get the job done right.

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