Hoppes 12 Gauge Tornado Brush


Product Description

Hoppes 12 Gauge Tornado Brush

Considering your career field, you understand the importance of having clean gear. Keep your rifle clean and ready to go with a Hoppes 12 gauge tornado brush. This brush is compact yet effective. Hoppes is known for providing quality products and this brush exemplifies that characteristic. As such, many military personnel members can greatly appreciate this piece. A major factor that separates this brush from others is its non-bristle design. It contains looped wire brushes that provide several benefits. Unlike bristles, the wire brushes will not scratch the bore and therefore help to promote its longevity. They also do not become matted, so the brush itself lasts longer. The wires have a bit of a spring action which makes them easy to maneuver, and they posses self cleaning properties. All of the brush’s qualities work together to create an exceptional brush option that provides a quality cleaning of your rifle or handgun.

Benefits of the Hoppes 12 Gauge Tornado Brush:

  • Gun cleaning brush
  • Non-bristle design; durable looped wire brushes
  • Spring action prevents matting of brush
  • Self-cleaning
  • Stainless steel handle

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Hoppes 12 Gauge Tornado Brush:

With a Hoppes 12 gauge tornado brush you are receiving a high quality brush that will not only complete the job efficiently but will last through several uses. The brush is uniquely designed and constructed with excellent materials that enhance its durability. Do not delay. Order your Hoppes brush today!

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