Hill Manufacturing Hilco Wipe Packets


Product Description

Hill Manufacturing Hilco Wipe Packets

When you need to clean and lube your firearm, Hill Manufacturing Hilco Wipe Packets are up to the task. These wipes are USDA authorized and do a great job of maintaining your firearms. The towels can be reused several times to ensure you get the most for your money. The solvent is fire resistant and prevents rusting throughout. The formula is also non-greasy and still manages to be resistant to dirt and sand. Give your weapon the best; get these Hilco Wipe Packets today!

Benefits of the Hilco Wipe Packets:

  • USDA authorized as environmentally safe
  • Fire resistant to ensure safety
  • Wipes can be reused numerous times
  • Non-Greasy formula resists dirt and prevents sand from sticking
  • Prevents rusting throughout extended use

Other Details