High Speed Gear X2RP Taco Pouch

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Product Description

High Speed Gear X2RP Taco Pouch

Seconds are precious when you’re engaged in gunfire, whether you’re on the battlefield or on the street. To save time on the draw, efficiency of operations is key for both military and police personnel, and that begins with your equipment. Keep your magazines secure and easily deployable with the High Speed Gear X2RP Taco Pouch.

Constructed with Cordura, which is an injection-molded polymer, and featuring a shock cord, the individual pouches hold almost any type of magazine in place no matter what position you find yourself in. The pouches maintain a positive, adjustable grip on your ammo and do not require any other securing systems. In addition to magazines, the pouches hold a variety of tools and accessories such as flashlights and knives.

Benefits of the High Speed Gear X2RP Taco Pouch:

  • Webbing tabs on the top of each pouch for over-the-top bungee retainers
  • Additional loop Velcro on the inside of each rifle pouch for added security
  • All High Speed Gear products are covered by a lifetime warranty
  • All products and materials are proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in an array of colors designed to blend into your uniform
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the High Speed Gear X2RP Taco Pouch:

The military and police professions require quick thinking and action and corresponding gear that rises to the occasion. The X2RP Taco Pouch does exactly that. Order yours today!

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