High Speed Gear X2R Taco Pouch

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Product Description

High Speed Gear X2R Taco Pouch

Reloading ammo for your rifle when you’re in the field, on the range or on duty just got a whole lot easier with the High Speed Gear X2R Taco Pouch. Boasting double the storage capacity of comparable pouches without the added bulk, each individual pouch of this product is capable of holding two full-size magazines.

In addition to efficient storage power, this double rifle magazine holder features 1-inch webbing sewn onto a high-density polyethylene sheet, with a bungee loop included at the top for reliable retention. Plus, adjustable gripping power gives you added peace of mind that your magazines are secured.

The High Speed Gear X2R Taco Pouch is a perfect choice whenever stealth in operations is essential. Despite their secure fit, the pouch’s polymer and Cordura construction allow for quick and quiet extraction of magazines, which is absolutely necessary for SWAT teams, not to mention military and police personnel.

Benefits of the High Speed Gear X2R Taco Pouch:

  • Carrying capacity that is 3” high by 2.2” wide by 5” long
  • Available in a variety of colors for use with any uniform
  • Made with high-strength, four-layer laminated Cordura and polymer construction
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the High Speed Gear X2R Taco Pouch:

For superb carrying capacity when it comes to magazines for your rifle, the X2R Taco Pouch is the hands-down choice among those who know; order today to realize more efficient tactical operations tomorrow.

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