High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch

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Product Description

High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch

Fumbling for your mags when you’re reloading your pistol is not only extremely inefficient, it can be downright dangerous. Indeed, split-second timing can make or break a missionand can even be disastrous if gone awry. To avoid getting caught in a lurch, the High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch is a necessity.

The Pistol Taco Pouch works by maintaining a positive, adjustable grip on its contents without requiring additional securing systems. Despite the snug fit, magazines can be smoothly and quickly extracted for fast ammunition changeover, saving you precious time in the process. Not only that, but pouches are designed to hold a variety of tools and accessories such as knives and flashlights. Regardless of the items you carry, you get peace of mind knowing you can draw upon them in a hurry with ease.

Benefits of the High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch:

  • Dimensions are 1.75” high by 1.2” wide by 4” long
  • Holds single- and double-stack 1911, HK 45, M9/Baretta 92, Glock and XD magazines
  • Covered by High Speed Gear’s lifetime warranty
  • Available in a variety of colors to blend into your uniform
  • Inherent versatility to adapt to the carrying needs of your mission
  • Lifetime Warranty

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch:

The right pouch to add to your gear can mean the difference between a subpar and successful mission. For the latter outcome, order your High Speed Gear Pistol Taco Pouch today.

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