High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5 inch Rigger Belt (Coyote)

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Product Description

High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5 Inch Rigger Belt

The High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5” rigger belt is a versatile tactical belt that can be utilized either in the office or in the field. It is specifically designed to prevent rolling of your duty belt due to heavy items. In tactical situations you do not want to be fumbling around with your belt. Adding this rigger belt helps to ensure that such an instance will not occur. As such, they are a great option for various types of tactical personnel.

Though this belt is smaller, it is held to the same standards as the Cobra 1.75” belt. Its heavy duty material ensures that it will not fray or give way to wear and tear from constant use. Its construction and unique design also contribute to its stiffness and ability to stay in place, and in doing so keep heavy supplies in place as well. This helps to enhance the wearer’s mobility and agility, which is very important in a tactical position.

Benefits of the High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5 Inch Rigger Belt:

  • Battle proven tactical belt
  • Durable design keeps it sturdy, prevents rolling of the belt
  • Functional in the office or out in the field
  • Meets strict Cobra belt specifications
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Approved for use with OCP Scorpion uniform

Things to Consider before Purchasing the High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5 Inch Rigger Belt:

Keep your belt in place and your supplies in order with a High Speed Gear Cobra 1.5” rigger belt. Order one today!

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