Hanz Chillblocker Socks R2192 CLOSEOUT

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Product Description

Hanz Chillblocker Socks - Previously known as SealSkinz

The Hanz Chillblocker Socks are designed to provide the best possible protection when dealing with exposure to extreme weather situations. Three layers of essential materials form a sock that is waterproof, breathable and amazingly warm. You will want to bring these socks with you on every extreme weather outing whether it is for in work or play.

Benefits of the Hanz Chillblocker Socks:

  • Nylon and Lycra exterior is stretchable and flexible to provide comfortable movement
  • Waterproof MVT membrane prevents the entrance of water yet wicks moisture from skin
  • Interior Polertec® layer keeps feet warm and provides comfort
  • Mid calf height provides plenty of protection coverage; approximately 11” in length

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Hanz Chillblocker Socks:

Hanz Chillblocker Socks may be worn with a liner if you desire. Hand washing these socks and hang drying will prolong their life. They may be machine washed on gentle, tumble dry low and turned inside out halfway through the dry cycle. Do not use fabric softener as it will clog the fleece and MVT layer.

Standard Measurements for the Hanz Chillblocker Socks






Men’s Shoe Size


7 – 9

10 – 11


Women’s Shoe Size


8 – 10

11 & UP


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