Guns and Coffee PVC Morale Patch

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Product Description

Guns and Coffee PVC Morale Patch

If you love both guns and coffee but have never been able to find a patch that combines both of them together, then you do not have to look any further. The Guns and Coffee PVC Morale Patch is a great fun patch to adorn onto your uniform, and the best part is that it is made out of extremely durable PVC rubber. This means that it will remain sturdy in a variety of environments, meaning it is just as tough as you are.

With a hook backing, the PVC Guns and Coffee Patch will be able to attach itself to a number of loop surfaces. This means that it is compatible with numerous types of uniforms, so there is already a good chance it will work with whatever you are wearing. It also will not take up too much space on your uniform because it only measures 2.45” in diameter. This means you can have a fun patch to customize your clothing without it being overly distracting.

Benefits of the Guns and Coffee PVC Morale Patch:

  • Various colors available

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Guns and Coffee PVC Morale Patch:

If, like most people, you need coffee to have the energy to do your job, then you are bound to love wearing this patch. Order yours today!

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