Gildan clothing has been designed for tactical professionals who need the right garments for freedom of movement and protection when they’re on the job. T-shirts may not seem like is much different from company to company, but high quality material that is moisture-wicking keeps you cool and comfortable in any kind of weather.

If you’ve ever wondered why you should wear an undershirt, it’s because the shirt absorbs your sweat. This protects the more expensive outer clothing. It’s a line of defense against having to wash your tactical gear that has been specially treated to maintain safety under harsh conditions. Packing a daily t-shirt is much easier than carrying multiple dress shirts when you’re out in the field or on duty. Even during the hottest days, when it seems counterintuitive to add additional layers of clothing to your uniform, wearing a t-shirt helps you look more professional, even when it’s 100 degrees.

Gildan clothing has been designed to meet your needs. Their t-shirts come in colors to complement your uniform and conform to regulations. A tapered neck keeps it out of sight under your dress uniform, while you stay warm in the winter or cool in the summer. Get the best; get Gildan clothing.