Gatorz Eyewear

Made with the best quality materials available, and designed for the most challenging conditions, Gatorz eyewear is the sunglass brand you’ve been looking for. When you’re handling a challenging military operation or doing tough jobs in law enforcement, you need quality eyewear with a focus on sharp, clear vision.

The Gatorz company transformed the sunglass industry by centering production on aluminum eyewear manufactured in the U.S. The highest-grade material – 7075 Billet Aircraft Aluminum – was used initially for its strength and minimal weight, and continues to be a company trademark today. Sunglass frames provide the base for 1.8mm polycarbonate lenses, the most impact-resistant lenses available. They come with an anti-scratch coating and give the wearer 100% UV protection. Each detail has been carefully considered in order to maximize quality and durability. Sold globally to the discerning sunglass consumer, Gatorz eyewear is a product of the company’s patented 22 step manufacturing process.

Sunglasses can be found in a variety of styles, to suit your needs and preferences, and are available with both polarized and non-polarized lenses. They are also pliable so you can adjust them for a custom fit. Distortion - a common issue with some sunglasses - is a mere annoyance for a layperson, but a safety concern for those working in official capacities in challenging conditions. Gatorz glasses are designed to be completely free from distortion. Backed by a company with a history of solid warranties and leagues of devoted customers, you’ll be a convert as soon as you put these on.