Gargoyles Performance Eyewear Classic Sunglasses


Product Description

Gargoyles Performance Eyewear Classic Sunglasses

Sometimes it is good to stick with the classics, and for those people, the Gargoyles Performance Eyewear Classic Sunglasses are available. These glasses have sort of a retro vibe to them, and they come in an iconic lens shape that you are certain to recognize and love. It is important to remember that classic does not mean that these glasses are behind in the times. They still feature exceptional technology and design features that make them just as viable as anything else you will find on the market. For instance, these sunglasses exceed standards set forth by ANSI Z87.1+.

What good would a pair of sunglasses be if they were not comfortable? You will not have to worry about a thing with the Classic Sunglasses because they come with rubber temple grips so that they rest comfortably over your face. In addition to keeping the sun out of your eyes, these sunglasses are also treated with oleophobic materials so that they resist water as well. You get an ideal amount of coverage because they curve vertically and horizontally.

Benefits of the Gargoyle Performance Eyewear Sunglasses:

  • 100 percent protection against UV rays
  • Shield shape
  • Lens color: silver/black ice
  • Frame color: black
  • Not Rx-compatible

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Classic Sunglasses:

For a look that goes well with any uniform and high-quality protection against the elements, order your classic sunglasses today.

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