Gargoyles Performance Eyewear Assault Sunglasses


Product Description

Gargoyles Performance Eyewear Assault Sunglasses

When it comes to your ability to see everything in your path without obstructions, you need the right pair of tactical sunglasses. The Gargoyles Performance Eyewear Assault Sunglasses are designed to give you the clearest view possible. This is due to the fact that there is no bottom rim or an overly bulky side. This gives the wearer a clear view of what is ahead of him or her, making them the perfect eyewear for when you are cycling down the path and need to know everything that is ahead of you.

The frame color on the Performance Eyewear Assault Sunglasses is metallic dark gun. The lens color is silver. In addition to being incredibly stylish, they are also quite comfortable to wear, so if you are going to be engaged in any type of extreme sport, these are the glasses to have. They will not get in the way of you doing your job and will actually assist you in the task at hand.

Benefits of the Gargoyle Performance Eyewear Sunglasses:

  • Oleophobic
  • Anti-reflective
  • 100 percent UV protection
  • Made of aluminum
  • Polarized
  • Mirrored
  • Exceeds protection ANSI Z87.1

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Assault Sunglasses:

Sunglasses should be worn by anyone who spends a good amount of time outdoors. Do not neglect the well-being of your eyes, and order your sunglasses right away.

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