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Created right here in the USA, Frog Lube gun oil is a specially designed lubricant that is not simply a glaze or a coating like other firearm oils. This lubricant acts to season the metal by absorbing deep into the miniscule spaces of the firearm, which is a completely unique approach to gun oils. This special treatment is designed to repel water and help your firearm resist corrosion, all while being good to the environment.

With its unique formula, Frog Lube is able to penetrate deep into metal and dissolve carbon on contact, leaving behind a wax-like surface that reduces friction and destroys rust. It even stops copper, carbon, and any other substances from leaving their damaging residue behind, but it does not leave a sticky residue itself. Despite its powerful nature, Frog Lube is safe for many other materials, such as plastic, nylon, and wood, and it is also non-toxic and biodegradable. Because it is non-toxic, individuals are not exposed to harsh chemicals when using it and there is no special disposal procedure for used lubricant and packaging, as Frog Lube will not harm the environment.

When used properly, Frog Lube gun oil can help protect your weapons no matter what harsh conditions they are exposed to; it can even be used in Artic temperatures. Because a clean weapon is a safe weapon, make sure to keep your firearm in top condition by treating it well and using Frog Lube products. 

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