Flight Suits

The men and women who serve in the Air Force need attire that’s capable of delivering ample protection and performance on the job. Over the years, flight suits have remained one of the more popular choices, not only due to their rugged characteristics, but also for their versatile capability. A well-built suit can even offer features such as fire retardant characteristics, ensuring maximum defense in the midst of a critical situation.

In present day, pressurized cabins have mostly eliminated the need for bulkier garments in the cockpit. However, a good quality flight suit is still commonly designed to provide plenty of warmth and insulation, so operators remain comfortable when working in lower temperatures. The flight suits are built to stand up to the types of physical challenges and rigors encountered in your work environment, making for long-term performance and value you can count on.

We offer a selection of military flight suits from some of the best-known brands in the game, with a range of job-ready colors so you’ll always be sure to find the option that’s perfect for you. Provide yourself with a distinct advantage before you head into your next mission.