Fire Resistant Clothing

In the name of duty, military operators often run up against some of the greatest occupational hazards imaginable. Performing at one’s best means working free from distractions, and that’s always made easier when you’re working with full confidence in your protective gear. Ensure yourself of the most capable defense against flame and heat-related injury when you suit up with fire resistant uniforms.

We offer a number of the highest-quality garments produced by some of the most respected names in tactical manufacturing. Everything you need for rock-solid protection in the field is here, including flame retardant coats, pants, and accessory items, allowing for head-to-toe coverage that’ll keep you confident in the most hazardous environments.

Those who serve in the military endure great danger in the name of preserving freedom—minimize your risk when you gear up with the right kind of protective wear. Outfit yourself with comfortable, durable field wear that’ll support you well when the heat it is on. With defense provided by advanced technologies such as Nomex fabric enhancement, you’ll be sure to maintain the confidence you need for the greatest success in the field every day.