ESS Asian Fit Striker Goggles

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Product Description

ESS Asian Fit Striker Goggles

Are you tired of the standard issue goggles not fitting quite right? Try the ESS Asian Fit Striker Goggles instead. They are made to fit Asian faces better than your average run-of-the-mill spectacles. The construction includes lens curves and undistorted optics.  Around the face, the goggles have extra padding for better comfort and absorption. Furthermore, the added foam will give you a gap free fit. The roomy frame allows you to wear your normal corrective eyewear underneath without sacrificing your comfort. The Striker lenses provide total protection against UVA/UVB rays. Eye Safety Systems opened in 1998 and began manufacturing protective eyewear designed for peak performance in even the hostile environments. To keep innovation going, the staff and management communicate with the elite warriors and every day heroes who use their products.

Benefits of the ESS Asian Fit Striker Goggles:

  • Specifically designed for those of Asian decent
  • Meet military specifications
  • Can fit over most Rx glasses
  • Rapid lens exchange
  • 2.6mm polycarbonate smoke gray replacement lens
  • Anti-reflective goggle cover
  • White flannel lens sleeve

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the ESS Asian Fit Striker Goggles:

In a survival situation, you can’t rely on substandard equipment and you should have to. That’s why ESS has committed itself to superior craftsmanship and customer service. After building a reputation for high-grade equipment, the business is now the US Marine Corps only certified supplier of eye gear. Go ahead and order your Asian fit striker goggles today!

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