EIB Expert Infantry Badge (Scorpion OCP)

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Product Description

EIB Expert Infantry Badge (Scorpion OCP)

Award your achievements with a Scorpion OCP sew on EIB expert infantry badge. Passing all of the required tests to show your infantry proficiency is no easy task and should therefore be celebrated. This Action Embroidery piece allows you to do just that. Though made by standard design, the special characteristics of this particular badge make it a cut above the rest.

This insignia dawns the standard Army design of a riffle enclosed inside of a rectangle. The rich history in the symbolism of the design makes it a classic choice that military personnel can appreciate. The attention to detail that is evident in this badge is exceptional, highlighting the different aspects of the rifle. The embroidery is expertly done, making it very durable and increasing its life span. The high-quality material is able to handle whatever you may face throughout your day without fraying or tearing. With such characteristics you can wear this well crafted insignia with pride, for years to come.

Benefits of the Action Embroidery EIB Expert Infantry Badge (Scorpion OCP):

  • Army Design
  • For use with Scorpion OCP Scorpion uniforms
  • Soft back for sewing
  • Manufactured by Action Embroidery, a Department-of-Defense-authorized company
  • Complies 100% with military specifications
  • Made in the U.S.A

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Action Embroidery EIB Expert Infantry Badge (Scorpion OCP):

With all of its characteristics this Action Embroidery piece is the perfect choice to display your achievements in a respectable way. Made specifically for such a cause, this Scorpion OCP sew on EIB expert infantry badge is the perfect addition to your uniform. Why wait? Order yours today!

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