Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon isn’t for everyone. Quite frankly, he likes it that way.

The Duke could give a damn about your new iPad, and definitely doesn’t dine with vegans. Duke Cannon comes from a different era – one when men had a grander purpose than sitting behind a computer all day building spreadsheets, or spending their Saturdays at Banana Republic.

In Duke’s time, men worked with their hands and pursued meaningful endeavors. They took pride not in the things they bought, but those that they built, and the mindset was simple: men wanted to win, not negotiate for a win-win. Now exists a generation of men who have spent more time in a furniture store than at the hardware store, and the Duke says “Hell No.”

The Duke Cannon Supply Company is not a huge fan of these trends. It’s time for men to devolve, and the Duke can help with replacing many of those dainty hygiene products that populate the shelves at every grocery store in town with some that have been specifically designed and formulated for those hardworking men who need a higher level of clean.