Drysure Active Footwear Dryer (White/Black)


Product Description

Drysure Active Footwear Dryer (White/Black)

Step into a comfortable, dry shoe every time with Drysure’s Active Footwear Dryer. Using a fabric sac full of desiccant silica gel beads, the dryer answers the question soldiers have struggled with for centuries: how to dry out your boots. Simply insert the Drysure system inside your footwear after strenuous activity and the proprietary silica system removes moisture from your shoes or boots 12x faster than normal air drying.

Without using dangerous heating systems that can permanently damage your shoes, Drysure saps bacterial and fungal growths of the moist environment they need to thrive, limiting the odor that the microorganisms can produce. Drysure works regardless of the type of footwear; trainers, athletic shoes, combat boots, and any other footwear that gets damp or sweaty can benefit from a few hours with Drysure.

Benefits of the Drysure Active Footwear Dryer (White/Black):

  • Revolutionary drying system is 12x more effective at drying than normal air drying
  • Absorbs and removes moisture that microorganisms need to thrive – limiting the odor they can cause
  • Shoe-friendly system doesn’t use heat and prolongs the lifespan of your footwear
  • Re-usable, easily reactivated through warmth
  • Easily fits in a locker, gym bag, ruck, or car trunk!
  • Medium US size 6-10.5
  • Large US size 11-13

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