Disgruntled Decks Veteran Edition

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Product Description

Disgruntled Decks Veteran Edition

Disgruntled Decks is a card game for military service members and grizzled Veterans who enjoy laughing together about their time in the service. With a unique blend of descriptive language and military themes, Disgruntled Decks gives one more reason for service members and Veterans to talk about their shared experiences while having fun in the process.

Our message is simple: Healing through humor, and some Veterans still have a good amount of healing left to do. We hope to provide some of that humor with Disgruntled Decks.

Expansions and more ridiculous games are coming soon!

Benefits of the Disgruntled Decks Veteran Edition:

Playing the Game: So Easy the Infantry Can Do It!

  • The "Card Commander" reads aloud a Yellow Mission Card and "Subordinate" players will submit their Gray Course of Action (COA) cards with possible answers.
  • The Card Commander chooses the best COA regardless of the Subordinates' opinions, just like in the military!
  • You win by having the most COAs chosen. It's that simple!

Intercepted Chatter!

  • "Picture the most profane, foul-mouthed, funniest grunt in your unit. This game is like 10 of those guys." - Army Times
  • "I'm throwing money at my screen but nothing is happening. I need this in my life." - Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said
  • "F*cking savage game." - Combat Medic WTF Moments

Things to Consider before purchasing the Disgruntled Decks Veteran Edition:

***"Disgruntled Decks" is a trademark of Disgruntled Decks LLC. It is not affiliated with "Cards Against Humanity" (a trademark of Cards Against Humanity LLC), the Department of Defense, or any government agency or branch of the military. We do not in any conceivable way represent the official views of the aforementioned entities. The content of this game is 100% satire.***

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