Cyalume NSN 6 Inch Single Chem Lite Flashlight

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Product Description

Cyalume NSN 6 Inch Single Chem Lite

The Cyalume NSN 6 inch single chem lite is a useful instrument to keep amongst your tactical tools. Though small and compact, it has several different uses that make it a powerful asset in certain situations. This Cyalume product has been field tested and constantly exceeds expectations. As such, you would not be disappointed with this chem lite. Perfect for military trainings and operations, this device is very easy to use. All of the colors shine a vibrant neon that helps to illuminate dark areas and can serve as a clear ground marker. Depending upon the color it can last anywhere from thirty minutes to twelve hours. With the light’s small design it is easy to store amongst tactical supplies, so you can carry several at a time for consecutive use when needed. With such strong characteristics it is easy to see why this chem lite is a common choice for many military personnel.

Benefits of the Cyalume 6 Inch Chem Lite:

  • Cyalume chem lite
  • Field tested and approved
  • Individually wrapped to protect against light and moisture
  • Easy use and disposal
  • Perfect for first aid, evacuation and survival kits
  • Quantity: 1

Important Things to Consider before Purchasing the Cyalume NSN Single Chem Lite:

Whether you are looking to denote certain signals or provide hazardous markers, the Cyalume chem lite is the perfect choice. As a part of the Cyalume brand it is a quality product that provides exceptional functionality. Why wait? Order yours today!

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