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US Patriot Customization Options

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US Patriot has a state of the art embroidery operation capable of customizing several uniform components to your specific needs. With the ability to create customized nametapes and rank for uniform headwear, you will always be able to stay within uniform compliance while on duty. For your uniform coat, the US Patriot embroidery team is able to create nametapes, branch tapes, rank, unit patches, tabs and skill badges and affix them to your uniform prior to shipment. For exceptionally cold days on duty, Velcro name and branch tapes plus official rank can be created for coyote or foliage green fleece jackets.

A number of different custom nametape bundles are also available for purchase if you only need the nametapes without the uniform. Offering Multicam sets, you can get: 2 Name and 2 Branch Combo, Set of 4 Nametapes, Tactical Cap Nametapes, Single Nametape and Single Branch Tape. For ACU sets, you can get: 2 Name and 2 Branch Combo, Set of 4 Nametapes, 2 Name and 2 Branch and 1 Rank, Single Branch Tape and 4 Name 1 Branch 1 Rank 2 Sew-On Rank and 1 Reverse Flag. For those in the US Air Force, you are able to have various ABU tapes made, including: Set of 4 Branch Tapes, Set of 4 Nametapes, 2 Name 2 Branch and 1 Rank, 1 Name and 1 Branch, Single Branch Tape and 4 Name 4 Branch Combo Set.

Aside from active duty uniform components, the US Patriot embroidery team is also able to create nametape and Velcro options for the Drill Sergeant PT Running Vest plus nametape luggage tags for times when you are traveling. If you wear a helmet while on duty, Cateye helmet bands are able to be customized with your name, blood type and last 4. Customized dog tags are also able to be made to your liking. Your first and last name plus DOD ID, blood type and religion can all be inscribed onto the dog tag for customized identification for wear while on duty. Order these customized embroidery items online or contact our customer service team to start the process.

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