Condor Tactical Contractor Cap

$13.95 - $18.95
Please allow an additional 3 to 5 business days for shipments with sewing.
  • Forward Flag Patch with Hook (Scorpion OCP)
  • Rothco Forward Flag Patch With Hook Back (Multicam OCP)
  • IR Tools Infrared Forward Facing IR Flag (CID-FLAG-00007)
  • IR Tools Infrared Printed Full Color American Flag Garrison Patch
  • Action Embroidery Air Force Soft Rank for Sewing 1LT O2 Black (Scorpion OCP)
  • Action Embroidery Air Force Soft Rank for Sewing LTC O5 Black (Scorpion OCP)
  • Action Embroidery Air Force Soft Rank for Sewing BG O7 (Scorpion OCP)
  • Jewish Chaplain Skill Badge (Scorpion OCP)
  • Buddhist Chaplain Skill Badge (Scorpion OCP)
  • Muslim Chaplain Skill Badge (Scorpion OCP) (AF1219-MUL)
  • USAF Christian Chaplain Badge (Scorpion OCP)

Product Description

Condor Tactical Cap TC

The Condor Tactical Cap TC from Condor Outdoors is the perfect piece of gear to keep you cool-headed no matter what your outdoor activities may be. It is suitable for military or law enforcement personnel or even fishermen or campers.

This 100% cap is also available in several different colors and patterns, including multicam ($7 extra) for a totally camouflaged look.

Condor has also fabricated this tactical cap in a one-size-fits-all fashion. You can find the adjustable strap with a buckle on the back of the cap.

In terms of making this tactical cap your own, there is a patch on the front of the cap for attaching your own ID. Plus, there are three additional hook and loop panels for attaching patches as well.

Benefits of the Condor Tactical Cap:

  • Tactical in every way
  • Suitable for military, law enforcement personnel
  • Great also for camping, fishing or any other outdoor activity
  • One size fits all for extra convenience
  • Fully adjustable for a customized fit using the strap with the buckle on the back
  • Patch on the front and back of the cap are ideal for ID patches or name tapes
  • Made of 100% cotton
  • Three hook and loop panels allow for patches to be added
  • Measures 4.5"H x 6.25"W x 0"D

Things to Consider before purchasing the Condor Tactical Cap:

For a fully customizable, tactical ball cap, order the Condor Tactical Cap TC today!

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