Condor Swiftlink Padded Bungee Sling

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Product Description

Swiftlink Bungee Sling from Condor

Taking care of your rifle doesn’t just mean cleaning it after all’s said and done. Keeping your rifle out of the dirt and ready at a moment’s notice, the Condor Swiftlink Bungee Sling is an adaptable, combat-ready solution for your rifling needs. The Swiftlink sling converts to and from a two-point to a single point sling, meaning you can take advantage of its comfort and reliability no matter your preference.

The Condor Swiftlink Bungee Sling’s comfort comes from its foam padding and 2: tubular webbing construction, keeping your rifle in place while remaining flexible thanks to a single bungie line. The sling easily disconnects from you, and disconnects your rifle from the sling adapter, with two side-release adapters.

Benefits of the Condor Swiftlink Bungee Sling:

  • Experience comfort both with and without body armor with 3/8" foam padding covered by 2" Tubular Webbing
  • Convert from two point to single point sling and back depending on your preferences and needs
  • Single bungee construction keeps your rifle close to you without compromising your ability to shoot, move, and communicate
  • Rifle-side HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic tube
  • Two side-release buckle to release adapter and sling
  • Keep your mind from worrying with durable 1.25" nylon webbing, with Duraflex buckles, won’t fail while you’re still in the fight

Things to consider before purchasing the Condor Swiftlink Bungee Sling:

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