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Product Description

Summit Tactical SoftShell Jacket from Condor (Tan)

The Condor Summit Tactical SoftShell Jacket is ideal for outdoor duties for those working in low profile law enforcement. Even when the skies open up, and it starts to pour, this durable, waterproof and highly breathable jacket will protect you and keep you dry.

The fabric this Condor softshell jacket is made from contains billions of microscopic pores. As unbelievable as it sounds, these pores are smaller than a raindrop yet they are 100 times larger than one molecule of water vapor. What that means for you is an incredible amount of protection so you can continue your patrols and other duties in a downpour.

The Condor Summit softshell jacket also features several pockets on the outside and inside for covert and overt storage. There are also patch panels for customized identification. The underarm vent zipper offers extra ventilation in a high intensity area.

Benefits of the Condor Summit Tactical SoftShell Jacket (Tan):

  • Collar is lined and stands upright for a crisp, uniform look
  • Stow-away hoodie for extra versatility
  • Two shoulder pockets for extra storage
  • Two 4" x 4" shoulder patch panels for customized ID
  • Two internal pockets  and two high rise slash chest pockets for extra convenience
  • Forearm pocket for quick and easy access to important items
  • Double zipper back pocket provides extra storage
  • Underarm vent zipper helps moisture and perspiration escape
  • Forearm is reinforced and double layered
  • Drawstring waistband and hood for customized fit and comfort
  • Adjustable wrist cuff for weather protection

Materials of the Condor Summit Tactical SoftShell Jacket (Tan):

  • Outer Layer: 100% polyester, 4-way elastic, high density fabric
  • Mid Layer: breathable film membrane
  • Inner Layer: super fine fleece

Care Instruction for the Condor Summit Tactical SoftShell Jacket (Tan):

  • NO Bleach, NO Iron, NO Dry Clean
  • Wash inside out in low temperature
  • Tumble dry in low heat

Things to Consider before purchasing the Condor Summit Tactical SoftShell Jacket:

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