Condor Stryke Single Bungee Conversion Sling

$36.95 - $42.95

Product Description

Stryke Single Bungee Conversion Sling from Condor

The Condor Stryke Single Bungee Conversion Sling was designed for anyone looking for adaptability in the field. Made of 1¼ inch webbing with inner elastic bungee this sling can quickly convert from a two-point sling into a single point, adapting to any weapon and style of carry you need for the mission you’re on.  The HK snap hook adapter is covered with an elastic sleeve to dampen noise, and the side release buckles make it simple to release your weapon when it is no longer needed for the situation.

Benefits of the Condor Conversion Sling:

  • Converts from two-point to single point sling
  • Transition lock with pull tab allows for quick adjustment
  • Single bungee construction
  • Side-release buckle
  • HK snap hook adapter covered with elastic sleeve
  • 1 ¼ inch webbing with Duraflex buckles
  • Made in the USA

Things to consider before purchasing the Condor Conversion Sling:

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