Condor Multi-Wrap Hat

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Product Description

Multi-Wrap from Condor

The Condor Multi-Wrap 212 is one of those must-have items for days when Mother Nature takes a turn for the worst. Working or exercising outdoors on frosty, cold days can zap your energy and enthusiasm faster than anything so a wrap like this is essential.

The Condor multi-use head wrap is seamless for extra comfort and irritation-free wear. It is also anti-static and moisture-wicking to help you stay focused. The fabric is stretchable polyester microfiber, which means it can be worn in a variety of different ways. These include as a head wrap, balaclava and neck gaiter.

For all-over comfort and warmth, choose the Condor multi-use head wrap.

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Benefits of the Condor Multi-Wrap:

  • Seamless construction for comfort and irritation-free wearability
  • Anti-static and moisture-wicking for extra comfort and dryness
  • Made of stretchable polyester microfiber for superb comfort and versatility
  • Can be worn as a head wrap, balaclava or neck gaiter
  • Measures 19.5"L x 9.5"W
  • Imported

Things to consider before purchasing the Condor Multi-Wrap:

For an impressive, multi-purpose, comfortable cover for your head in cold, wet weather, order the Condor Multi-Wrap today!

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