Condor Handcuff Pouch

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Product Description

Handcuff Pouch from Condor

The Condor Handcuff Pouch allows law enforcement personnel to put suspects in their place with the flick of a flap. This handy pouch holds two sets of handcuffs so members will never be without a spare pair of handcuffs.

There are multiple carrying options for this Condor handcuff pouch, which include attaching it to your belt via the MOLLE attachment straps or via a karabiner. Either way, this pouch will stay locked down and in place so you can easily and quickly access your cuffs. The hook and loop closure on this Condor pouch also features a handy pull tab for easy opening and closing. The darker color blends in well with law enforcement uniforms as well.

Benefits of the Condor Handcuff Pouch:

  • Easily stores two sets of handcuffs for securing and disabling multiple suspects as required
  • Hook and loop closure with pull tab allows you to easily and quickly open and close the pouch
  • You can carry this handcuff pouch in multiple ways, including by attaching it to other pieces of gear via the MOLLE webbing, putting it on your belt or via a karabiner
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Things to consider before purchasing the Condor Handcuff Pouch:

When time is of the essence and you absolutely must strap a set of cuffs on the bad guys, the Condor handcuff pouch will ensure you have them at your disposal. Order one now!

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