Condor H2O Pouch

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Product Description

H2O Pouch from Condor

Every soldier knows how important hydration is to a successful mission, and the Condor H2O Pouch gives you exactly that. This outstanding hydration pouch measures 10"H x 4" and features a highly functional hydration pass-thru tube. This allows you to continue marching, hiking, driving or firing while staying hydrated with virtually no effort.

This Condor water pouch is also designed to carry a water bottle via a modular webbing system that can be attached either to your shoulder or belt. You know better than anyone how to quickly access your potentially life-saving water source, so this pouch is fully adaptable that way.

The main compartment of this Condor hydration pouch also features a padded main compartment with a grommet for extra stability and convenience.

Benefits of the Condor H2O Pouch:

  • Measures 10" x 4" for a streamlined, convenient add-on to your existing gear
  • You can carry a water bottle via modular webbing that sits at the shoulder or on your belt
  • When things get really intense and you need water without any extra effort, there is a hydration tube pass-thru
  • Main compartment is padded and features a grommet
  • A front utility pocket (6-1/2"H x 4"W x 1"D) for extra versatility and small storage
  • Heavy duty webbing all around the pouch delivers additional attachment possibilities
  • Available in Black, OD and Multicam (+$13)

Things to Consider before purchasing the Condor H2O Pouch:

Get a grip on thirst and order this soldier-friendly hydration pouch for Condor today!

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