Condor Flashlight Pouch

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Product Description

Flashlight Pouch from Condor

The Condor Flashlight Pouch MA48 is tailor-made for soldiers, weekend warriors or outdoorsmen who want a compact way of carrying their flashlights. This genuine Crye precision multicam flashlight holder measures 3.5” deep and easily fits most Surefire, Streamlight or similar flashlights.

Condor has even engineered low-light capability into this flashlight pouch for stealth operators by stitching an internal cloth over the grommet to keep you low vis when required. Plus, a Velcro strap attaches the light securely to the pouch for peace-of-mind carrying at all times. This Condor flashlight pouch can also be attached to your belt, gear or via a karabiner for maximum versatility.

Benefits of the Condor Flashlight Pouch:

  • Engineered from genuine Crye precision Multicam material for trusted performance
  • Measures 3.5”deep to fit most flashlights such as the Surefire or Streamlight
  • An internal cloth is stitched over the grommet for a low light capability in theatre or on exercise
  • Velcro strap ensures the light is securely cinched to the pouch for secure storage
  • Can easily be strapped to a belt, your gear or via a karabiner for extra versatility
  • Available in OD Green, Black, Coyote 498, and Multicam (+$1.00)

Things to Consider before purchasing the Condor Flashlight Pouch:

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