Condor Drawstring Bag (Multicam)

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Product Description

Drawstring Bag from Condor (Multicam)

Utilize this Condor Multicam Drawstring Bag to carry essential gear during your tactical operations. You should be equipped with multiple storage and transporting options so that you're ready for any situation. Sometimes you don't need a complex bag with special compartments and tons of pockets. Often times all you need is a simple bag with easy access to carry a few extra essential items. This Condor Drawstring Bag is great for quick reconnaissance missions or for casual purposes. It may be simple but it sure is durable.

You can store various small items in the Condor bag including gadgets, batteries, flashlights, towels, magazines, and more.  When you are in a tactical environment, you know how crucial it is to be prepared on all fronts. This high quality bag from Condor is simple, lightweight, and durable. Don't carry a bulky bag that will weigh you down when you don't need to.

Benefits of the Condor Drawstring Bag:

  • Simple cinch close
  • Made from durable 650 parachute cord nylon
  • Will withstand daily use
  • Genuine MultiCam color from Crye-Precision
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Measurements: 19"H x 16"W

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Multicam Drawstring Bag:

Sometimes simplicity is the best way to go for certain situations. Order a drawstring bag for yourself and build up your arsenal of tactical equipment.

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