Condor Double M14 Magazine Pouch

$16.95 - $21.95

Product Description

Double M14 Magazine Pouch from Condor

Next to your weaponry, of course, one of the most important items on your person on the battlefield is ammunition. And, when it comes to efficiently carrying that ammunition, ease of use and secure containment are key. Enter the Condor Double M14 Magazine Pouch. This functional and dependable product will protect and hold your firepower until it’s ready for use.

In addition to efficiently holding your ammo, the Condor magazine pouch is also comfortable to wear, which means it won’t interfere with tactical operations or the mission at hand. Featuring an adjustable hook and loop flap, it is designed to easily be secured to a belt or other uniform attachment. Once in place, the pouch stays put, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to draw your ammunition in hasty situations.

Benefits of the Condor Magazine Pouch:

  • Holds four M14 or other similar magazines
  • Divider between the magazine holders is removable
  • Available in various colors
  • Exact dimensions are 6" (height) x 7" (width) x 2.25" (diameter)

Things to Consider before Purchasing the Double M14 Magazine Pouch:

For a dependable and highly efficient carrier for your M14s or other magazines, look no further than the Condor double magazine pouch. Order yours today—you’ll be glad you did.

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