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Product Description

Hook Back Blood Type Patches from Condor (Tan)

These Condor Hook Blood Type Patches, item number 229C, could save your life in a potentially life-threatening situation. They do the talking for you if you are rendered unconscious and require a blood transfusion.

With their Hook backing, these Condor blood type indicators attach to any Hook Back surface. This is particularly handy for military, law enforcement or first responders who already have Hook panels on their uniforms and gear bags.Take the worry out of emergency situations and make it as easy as possible for medical personnel to immediately know your blood type.

Benefits of Condor Hook Back Blood Type Patches (Tan):

  • Measures 2” wide X 1 “ tall for instant blood type recognition
  • Hook backing can attach to any Hook Back surface for easy, potentially life-saving indication to medical personnel and first responders
  • Available in A+, A-, B+, B-, O+, O-, AB+ and AB-
  • These patches are available in both + POS and - NEG
  • Tan and Brown Color Scheme

Things to consider before purchasing the Condor Hook Back Blood Type Patches (Tan):

Do yourself and medical personnel a favor and order one of these Condor Hook Blood Type Patches today!

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