Condor Ammo Pouch

$17.45 - $24.95
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Product Description

Ammo Pouch from Condor

The Condor Ammo Pouch is perfect for soldiers or weekend warriors who want quick and easy access to their ammo. Users also love to use it as a secondary dump pouch.

Condor has engineered this ammo pouch to be as easy and effortless as possible to use. That means they have constructed elastic slits with a secondary Velcro strap. The slit allows you to move with the flap loose without having to worry about your ammo flying out of the pouch. In other words, it stays secure and in place.

For a compact, convenient and easy way to transport your small-sized ammo rounds, order this Condor pouch today!

Benefits of the Condor Ammo Pouch:

  • Measures 7" high x 6 1/2" wide x 3" deep
  • Portable, convenient storage for ammo
  • Elastic slit has secondary Velcro flap for secure storage
  • Perfect for shotgun or other firearm reloading
  • Great as a secondary dump pouch as well
  • Available in Black, Coyote 498, OD, and Multicam (+$9.00)

Things to Consider before purchasing the Condor Ammo Pouch:

For an awesome ammo pouch that can also be used to dump used shells, order the Condor Ammo Pouch MA2 today!

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